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It can take a lot of hard work to get into the entertainment business to begin with, but that doesn’t mean the outcome is for everyone. There are actually quite a few actors who reached success and fame and then decided that the business wasn’t for them after all. Here are some of them and what they ended up doing instead.

1. Angus T. Jones

For ten years, Angus T. Jones played Jake on Two and a Half Men, and was the highest paid star in Hollywood. Rather than rake in the money and ride the fame wave, he chose to walk away for religious reasons. He kind of burned his bridges in the process, speaking out against the show that made him a household name. He said he felt like a “paid hypocrite” acting in that “filth.” He did, however, return for a cameo in the show’s final episode.

angus t jones
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2. Josh Saviano

Josh Saviano starred on The Wonder Years as Kevin Arnold’s BFF, but ultimately decided to become a lawyer instead of continuing a career in the entertainment industry. He’s currently practicing in New York.

Josh Saviano

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