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Even the rich and famous had to start somewhere. Many stars began their careers under the famed Golden Arches. Here are some celebrities who once served you fast food, and have since “super-sized” their careers. Some A-listers admit that they enjoyed the learning experience of working in the food service industry, while others absolutely loathed flipping burgers. Find out who was fired after only two weeks below.

1. Rachel McAdams

The Canadian native admitted that she worked at the fast-food chain for three years during in an interview with Glamour magazine. McAdams said, “I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one day. I’m not really sure why they kept me so long. They basically said I had a friendly, welcoming voice.” Today, the actress is an international star known for her roles in films like Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers and The Notebook.

celebs who started at mcdonalds
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