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George Takei may have endeared himself to his first audiences by taking the helm of the USS Enterprise as Hikaru Sulu, but he’s remained a high profile public figure on his own merit. His Star Trek days now past, Takei continues to find himself in the spotlight again and again. Social Media has allowed the beloved actor a platform to sound off on pressing social issues — and sound off he does. Takei’s contribution to social media is easily one of the best parts of the internet. His Twitter feed is a master class in social commentary. He regularly demonstrates an insightful grasp of political and cultural news stories, wrapping his thoughts in a wit and clarity that eludes 99 percent of society. People like George Takei are the reason Twitter was invented. And here’s why.

1. Actively Trolling the Head Orange in Charge

One of Takei’s favorite pastimes these days is irking the president. He routinely tweets out delightfully witty replies to @realdonaldtrump’s daily dose of inane yammering. It’s worth following Takei just to be there for his presidential burns.

2. The Peaceful Transfer of Burn

Everybody assumes that the President of the United States is the de facto leader of the Earth. Usually, that’s the case (at least in the minds of Americans). On January 20, however, Takei was one of the first to point out that Donald Trump wasn’t assuming that mantle. It took a few weeks for Germany’s Chancellor to formally assume the title of Leader of the Free World, but she surely did, and Takei called it.

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