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There have been plenty of hacked smartphone photos leaked since the advent of the camera phone, you’d think stars would know not to take compromising selfies. But let’s not blame the victims. It is a huge violation of privacy to have personal photos stolen and posted online. Some of the nude pics aren’t even real (or so they claim). Here are 12 stars who’ve been embarrassed by hacked cellphone pictures. Some have taken legal action to fight this personal infringement.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

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The Disney starlet found herself at the center of a scandal when hacked cellphone pictures were leaked back in 2007. Nude shots of her hit the web and tarnished her good girl High School Musical image. Or maybe they helped her break free from the Disney shackles. Whatever the outcome, it was a serious violation of her privacy. Seems she didn’t really learn her lesson, as more compromising photos were leaked in 2009, 2011 and even 2014.

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