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So now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now dominating theaters and dividing critics (well, not dividing exactly …), we can begin to dig in and start endlessly debating the merits of this stupid, loud movie. So, let’s begin at the beginning of the film’s hype cycle, when it made perhaps its most controversial move by hiring recently resurrected Ben Affleck to play the part previously inhabited (to near perfection) by Christian Bale. Nerds immediately went into an uproar before slowly resigning themselves to their fate and waiting to see what would happen. Well, the movie’s out and we can officially say that pretty much anyone else would have been a better Batman than Ben-freaking-Affleck. Now here are 13 people who would have done a way better job baring the cape and cowl.

1. Harrison Ford

To begin with, Ford has definitely got more free time since his high profile departure from that other sci-fi series. He’s also very much willing to be in the action hero business as he’s signed on for another Indiana Jones film. Ford would also bring the kind of grizzled vet with a haunted past that Snyder’s Batman really needs.

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