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While there is often a lot of pressure on women especially to have children, not all celebrities want to split time between their busy careers and raising a family. There are many stars who have made the conscious decision against having kids, stick by it, and don’t care who knows it. Here are some of those “childless by choice” celebs.

1. Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi is beautiful, talented and married to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. With her memorable role as “Lindsay Bluth Fünke” in Arrested Development where she portrays a less than attentive mother, it could be that the actress was already telling the world that she had no intention of having children. Most recently known for her role in Scandal, de Rossi has said that she and her wife would have to really want kids to go ahead with it and thus far, they’re quite happy with their relationship just the way it is. The couple has said they love spending time with their nieces but are always happy to leave. Parenthood just isn’t for everyone.

portia de rossi
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