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Out of all the Republican candidates out there, we probably know more about Donald Trump than any of them. This is because he’s been a celebrity mogul for decades, never shy to publicize his personal brand. We know about his various wives, his kids, his television show, his business successes and occasional failures. We know about his birther theories, his views on immigration and his unapologetic disdain for political correctness. Think you know everything there is about him? We’ve dug up a few nuggets of interest that you might not know about the man who could actually become the next president.

1. He Thinks He’s a Babe Magnet

You have to admit, Trump’s three wives have all been hot, so he clearly has some success with the ladies. Whether it was his looks, personality or bank account that attracted them is anyone’s guess. However, he does seem to be a little deluded when it comes to his universal appeal to the fairer sex. He told The Daily News in 2004, that ,“All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” Yes, it’s hard to resist this mug.

Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump
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