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2. WAIT . . . WHAT?

At least three of the four times 54-year-old British actor Hugh Grant was told he’d be a father, he was shocked. On top of that, he only entered the world of fatherhood in 2011 and in two years, had three children with two different women. The first was receptionist at a Chinese restaurant in London, Tinglan Hong, and Tabitha was born—her Chinese name Xiao Xi means “happy surprise”. Bitten with the father bug, seven months later Anna Elisabet Eberstein, a Swedish TV producer, gave birth to his second child, John Mungo Grant. He reunited with Tinglan and had Felix, another son, in 2012. One thing we can say about Grant is that he knows what he likes, as the actor also reunited with Eberstein in 2015 and they too have another child.

Hugh Grant
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