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15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About President Trump

2. Pricey Wedding Cake

When he married his third wife Melania back in 2005, he spared no expense. The day was fit for a queen and a king, and the couple reportedly spent an insane amount of money to make sure their wedding day was one for the books. Their wedding cake alone reportedly cost $50,000, and we’re sure it was worth every penny. The 7 tiered dessert measured five-feet-tall and 70-inches in diameter. It also had 2,000 individually made flowers spun from sugar. If that wasn’t enough, the cake weighed 200 pounds in total and took two months to construct.

But, in true Trump fashion, the cake was all for show. It was constructed using wiring to hold it in place, which means it was nice to look at but wasn’t practical for anyone to eat. So the cake maker made 5-inch-tall mini cakes for each guest to take home with them.

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