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In the years to come, when history looks back on the four (and please God only four) years of the Trump presidency, bookish academics will — for obvious reasons — push the glasses up on their faces and refer to his as the “Twitter presidency.” More than any other Commander in Chief, 45 is keen to express himself in bald terms via the social media outlet. He’s a borderline addict, never stopping to sift his words through any kind of filter before he takes to Twitter to ignite rage in 140 characters or less. Fortunately for America, Twitter is also home to a legion of people who are just keen to put the Donald back in his stupid, stupid place. For every lame Trump post, there are five notable people who’ve taken to Twitter to let Trump know he’s a moron. Judging by the A-plus performance he gave himself recently on Fox and Friends, he isn’t hearing the critiques. We are though, and they’re hilarious. Here are some of the best.

1. Don’t Mess With a Literary Titan

JK Rowling has been poking fun at Trump since his run for the presidency stopped being a joke and became frightening. Fortunately the Harry Potter author (and all-around kickass writer) is wonderful at eviscerating 45.

Jk Rowling
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