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Since the mid-nineties, singer, songwriter, and general rabble-rouser Marilyn Manson, has led a one-man assault on the status quo. His infectious music and poignant message bely the intelligence hiding behind his makeup. Unlike some artists who might use an alternative fashion sense and loud makeup choices to stand out, Manson’s persona is less attention grabbing than it is incisively satirical. There’s a whole lot more to this white-faced rock star than meets the eye. Marilyn Manson is a multi-faceted artist. Here are some things you may not have known.

1. He Originally Wanted to Become a Music Journalist

Before he adopted his famous stage name, Marilyn Manson — which famously combines the names of two pop culture icons, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Manson — was just a Florida kid named Brian Hugh Warner. After graduating from Heritage Christian School and enrolling in community college, Warner took a position writing for 25th Parallel, a Fort Lauderdale magazine.


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