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Farrah Abraham has been a controversial personality in the media since first appearing on MTV’s reality show 16 and Pregnant, which was then followed by her joining the cast of Teen Mom, its spin-off Teen Mom OG and UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. She’s only 25, but she has already racked up more than her fair share of tawdry tabloid drama to last several lifetimes. In fact, she believes she has surpassed Kim Kardashian in terms of fame (as if that’s a good thing). She has been criticized not only for her own life choices, but also for her mothering skills. Here are some shocking secrets, juicy scandals and little known facts about the trainwreck of a reality star who can’t seem to get enough attention.

1. Her “leaked sex tape” was actually a planned porn

The “sex tape” Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was promoted like private candid footage, but it was actually a planned porn film with porn star James Deen. She said it was leaked, but James said it was planned all along by Vivid Entertainment. “I got a call and they asked if I wanted to do a celebrity sex tape with Farrah. They said, ‘We’ll set it up so it looks like you guys are dating, and then TMZ will find out and it’ll be all over the TV.’ I said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that. Hire somebody else.’ But they promised me the media wouldn’t be involved. I made sure they knew I was going to tell the truth if anybody asked me about it. So we shoot the movie, and as we’re leaving her hotel room some paparazzo takes our picture. The next day I get a call from TMZ, asking if I was dating Farrah Abraham. I said no. ‘Well, what were you doing at that hotel?’ ‘Shooting a porno.’ And that’s when the f–king drama train hit.”

Farrah Abraham and James Deen

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