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We take it for granted that most celebrities have an excellent physique. Now, each celebrity has his/her own fitness regime which fits the body type he/she has or wants to have. This naturally means that some will need less exercise, and some more. Still, we know when celebrities are going overboard with their gym routines. It’s too much of a good thing, and doesn’t look too healthy. Here are 7 celebrities who should give themselves – and their bodies – a much needed rest from working out.

1. Pink Is Obsessed with the Gym


Pink puts in more than 90 minutes in the gym each day, doing everything from treadmills to circuit training. If that weren’t enough, she puts in another 2 hours of exercise before each show. Anyone with that much exercise under their belt would be more than adequately fit. What we’d like to know is – where does she get so much energy?

2. Jessica Biel Loves Keeping Her Body Strong

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The Valentine’s Day star regularly exercises for over 5 hours a day, and by exercise we mean everything from running to ballet. No wonder why she has been developing some admirable muscles as of late. She may be overdoing it, though. We just hope these muscles don’t overshadow her acting talent.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow Exercises Two Hours a Day

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow follows the Tracy Anderson routine, which demands that you spend two hours sweating it out at the gym every day. Clearly, this is sufficient to keep anyone in great shape. Paltrow need to relax a bit. We’d like to see her turn down the tempo and exercise less.

4. Ryan Reynolds Lifts for Long Hours

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The first male celebrity on our list is known for being extremely well-built. Indeed, his personal trainer argues that he has been putting in long hours to build his body for over eight years now. This is fine for stars who regularly have to act in roles that require beefed up physiques. But Reynolds isn’t known for that, so he could probably afford to tone it down a bit.

5. Madonna Exercises Six Days a Week


Madonna has been a fitness freak for as long as we remember, and hitting her 50s hasn’t changed anything. She still heads to the gym six days a week and puts in 2 hours there doing everything from yoga to Pilates. Here is another star whom we’d like to see tone down the exercise regime a few notches. She’s almost too muscular.

6. Kelly Ripa Is an Exercise Addict

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa

Kelly doesn’t miss an exercise opportunity, even for a single day. Three times a week you will find her with her trainer practicing yoga or power ballet. Her time at the gym is spent over-productively with treadmills, spinning, weights etc. Is she an exercise addict? We sure think so.

7. Cameron Diaz Loves Her Toned Arms

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Remember when Diaz was dating Alex Rodriguez? If you’d noticed her arms back then, you’d probably have noted the extra toning that was visible on them. Surprisingly, she is still an exercise freak and claims that it is as essential for her as eating or sleeping. We couldn’t agree more in general terms, but then there’s something called too much of a good thing, isn’t there?

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