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Many kids of the stars want to follow their parents’ footsteps into the spotlight. Hollywood is full of people who became famous because their celebrity mom or dad. Now, the children may have some serious talent themselves, but their family connection certainly helps them get a leg up in the business. Here are 8 celebrities who are famous mostly because of their Hollywood parents.

1. Kelly Osbourne

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The child of Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly doesn’t even have a shadow of her famous father’s talent. In fact, most regard her as one of the most annoying celebs out there. She hasn’t been able to build a career of substance. Still, her parentage has helped her land some decent presenting roles, and she also had a spin on Dancing with the Stars. Without The Osbornes reality show, she’d be anonymous.

2. Kim Kardashian

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Kim is pretty, but it takes more than that to make it in Hollywood. She has two amazing fathers that gave her PR value a boost. Her biological father who was OJ Simpson’s defense lawyer, and her step father, Bruce Jenner, an Olympic icon. The two ensured that Kim was always in the company of famous and powerful people. We can see how this has paid off – from the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians to a number of lucrative contracts.

3. Jaden and Willow Smith

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Best known as the children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden and Willow have prudently taken up their parents’ professions – acting and singing. We can’t deny that they have talent, but would Jaden have starred in films like The Pursuit of Happiness at the age of 8 if it weren’t for his dad?

4. Paris Hilton

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Heiress Paris has been known more for her extreme partying (which earned her the epithet of “New York’s Leading It Girl”) and run-ins with the law rather than her modeling career. Nobody can deny that she’s got the look, but without the ‘Hilton’ name, what are the chances we’d have heard of her?

5. Chelsea Clinton

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We admire Chelsea for her support in AIDS research, global humanitarianism and women’s rights. But let’s not fool ourselves – a veteran NGO worker will never be as famous as Chelsea has been since she was a child. Having a former President for a father and a former US Secretary of State (and possible future Presidential candidate) for a mother go a long way in keeping you in the eyes of the media.

6. Nicole Richie

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Nicole was adopted by singer Lionel Richie. This twist of fate has allowed the girl with a bohemian sense of fashion to star in two reality shows and bag a number of lucrative contracts. It was her friendship with another star-kid, Paris Hilton, that put her on the map in The Simple Life.

7. Bryce Dallas Howard

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Daughter of famous actor/producer Ron Howard, Bryce managed to get a role in her father’s film Parenthood. She has since gone on to star in films such as Spider-Man 3 and Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

8. Georgia and Lizzy Jagger

It is quite clear that Georgia and Lizzy Jagger are pretty. It is even clearer that they are daughters of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. We aren’t saying that their beauty didn’t help, but the road to their success was undoubtedly paved by the fame and connections of their parents.

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