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Working in Hollywood often means making millions of dollars, but it comes with the price of having your life constantly in the spotlight. These are eight stars who quit Hollywood because they wanted to escape the public eye and live a “normal life.” Find out what they’re up to today.

1. Dave Chappelle

In 2005, the famed comedian walked away from the Chappelle Show at the height of its popularity. Chappelle traveled to South Africa to “find himself” and regroup. Dave said, “Coming here, I don’t have the distractions of fame. It quiets the ego down. I’m interested in the kind of person I’ve got to become. I want to be well rounded and the industry is a place of extremes. I want to be well balanced.” Chappelle returned to standup comedy in August 2013 when he performed on the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity festival, but his fame has never been the same since his departure.

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