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Hollywood’s 9 Most Outrageous Celebrity Salary Negotiations

The salaries in Hollywood are unfathomable to those of us not in the entertainment industry. Have you ever wondered which stars demanded higher salaries, while their co-stars settled for less? Here are the nine most outrageous celebrity salary negotiations in Tinseltown. Which is most ridiculous to you?

1. NeNe Leakes

NeNe’s contract with Bravo makes her the highest paid housewife on TV. The sassy Atlanta star received a raise last year, earning over $1.5 million plus bonuses for the seventh season. There are even reports that Bravo has offered Leakes even more money to continue filming, as well as her own spin-off series.

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2. Charlie Sheen

At one point, Sheen was the highest paid TV actor of all time. Back when he was working on Two and a Half Men, Sheen’s salary was reportedly $2 million per episode. Charlie thought he deserved more and was sure the show couldn’t go on without him, so he demanded $1 million more per show. Chuck Lorre, the show’s producer shocked fans when he turned down the salary negotiation, fired Sheen and hired Ashton Kutcher in his place.

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