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Like the rest of us, celebrities have their share of embarrassing moments and awkward gaffes. Unlike the rest of us, however, their blunders often happen when there is a camera (or 50) pointing at them, which makes escaping them unnoticed tricky or downright impossible. Here are some cringeworthy celebrity moments that will live on forever.

1. Beyonce’s halo was snagged in a fan

Most people would react to getting their hair caught in a fan with panic and perhaps some screams for help, but Beyonce managed to sing through her hair caught in fan ordeal. In 2007 she was performing “Halo” in Montreal where the incident occurred. Her handlers had to run on stage and work it out as she kept performing as best as she could. Always the pro.


2. Justin Bieber can’t stop barfing

During the opening night of his Believe tour in 2012, Justin Bieber barfed on stage not once but twice. He was sick with something and just couldn’t keep it together, even after slowing things down and cutting out the dancing. He apologized, and his Belieber fans didn’t seem to care too much.

justin bieber

3. Fergie wetting herself on stage

You’d think that taking care of bodily functions would be a prerequisite to hopping on stage to perform, but Fergie learned this lesson the hard way. In 2005 during a Black Eyed Peas concert she straight up peed herself mid song as fans looked on. She blamed in on the San Diego traffic that made her run late.


4. David Hasselhoff’s very drunk eating fiasco

In 2007 one of David Hasselhoff’s daughters took video of him drunkenly eating a hamburger off the floor. How humiliating can you get! The incident was so bad in fact, that it was kind of a rock-bottom moment and he took steps to get sober after that.

david Hasselhoff

5. Christina Aguilera’s mystery leg dripping

Christina Aguilera had a very embarrassing (and mysterious) experience during an otherwise serious moment. The singer was performing at Etta James’ funeral when a dark reddish liquid started to leak down her leg. She tried to casually wipe it off and stop the drip trail, like the professional that she is. It was later explained to be self tanner that wasn’t entirely dry and maybe mixed with some sweat to make an unfortunately-timed appearance.

Christina Aguilera legs

6. Kanye West walking into a stop sign

In 2013 Kanye West was heading towards a restaurant along with Kim K minding his own business and averting his eyes from the paparazzi, when he walked smack dab into a sign. The actual moment of impact was not caught on video, but the sound did it pick it up. As did his head, which was left with a big bump.

kim and kanye west

7. Zac Efron dropping a condom on the red carpet

Zac Efron had a pretty embarrassing moment back in 2012 while he was walking the red carpet for the premiere of the film The Lorax. The actor reached into his pocket and accidentally pulled out a condom which fell onto the floor in plain view. He must have been anticipating the after party. At least he was prepared!

zac efron

8. Ashlee Simpson’s career ending lip-syncing gaffe

Jessica Simpson’s younger sister Ashlee gave a singing career a go as well, but Ashlee’s didn’t pan out quite so well. Back in 2004 Ashlee was the musical guest on SNL, which of course is a live show. Unfortunately for Ashlee something went very wrong in the technical department and she was exposed to be full on lip-syncing her performance to “Pieces of Me.” Her career never really recovered from the incident.

ashlee simpson

9. Jennifer Lawrence falling…all the time

Jennifer Lawrence made headlines for tripping over her dress and falling as she made her way up the stage to accept an Oscar. And then she did it again not long after while walking on the red carpet. J Law’s trips are so common in fact, that people speculate that they are actually a publicity stunt.

jennifer lawrence

10. Rosie O’Donnell picking her nose

Rosie O’Donnell has been snapped picking her nose on the red carpet, and in her car, and then she has also done it willingly for cameras on The View. In the unfortunate latter incident, she also proceeding to put her finger into her mouth after removing it from her nose. It’s unclear why.

rosie odonnell

11. John Travolta’s rude Oscar flub

John Travolta made a pretty big flub when he was introducing Idina Menzel at the Oscars. He kind of ruined her moment by flubbing her name and calling her “Adele Dazeem.” Clearly he had no idea who she was. Nice, John.

john travolta

12. Katy Perry getting stuck on a cake

During a performance at a Latin awards show, Katy Perry jumped flat onto a cake, but then she sort of got stuck there and had a hard time getting up. The moment was confusing and awkward for everyone.

katy perry

13. Selena Gomez dropping the f-bomb

During the 2013 KISS FM Jingle Ball, Selena Gomez had a couple things go wrong. For one, she apparently forgot that her mic was on and she dropped the f-word for everyone to hear. Then, a slip up while performing exposed that she was lip syncing. That just wasn’t her day.

selena gomez

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