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3. Dr. Oz

This one’s a little tricky because the celebrity in question doesn’t just play a doctor on TV, he really is one – and a well respected one at that. The Harvard educated cardiothoracic surgeon just happens to have a television show and magazine, and millions of people look to him for a myriad of health and wellness concerns. He came under fire, however, in 2014, for promoting dubious products and making health claims that weren’t backed up by medical evidence. For example, he extolled the virtues of green coffee bean extract as a magic pill for weight loss on his show, boosting sales dramatically. However, he was called to a Congressional hearing where it came out that the product he endorsed was not backed by credible science. In fact, only 46 per cent of his on-air recommendations were found to be supported by evidence. We’re not saying don’t listen to Dr. Oz, but do some homework before taking his snappy TV advice as the definitive word. He does have a commercial agenda that may influence some of his recommendations.

Dr. Mehmet Oz
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