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Celebrities don’t always live like the rest of us, but when it comes to the holiday season it sure seems like a lot of them stick close to home and the customs they grew up with. Here are some relatable holiday traditions and festive frivolities of some of your favorite stars.

1. Jaime King

Actress Jaime King makes sure to hang up a stocking for Santa each year. “I love putting up the decorations that we have received from my parents since I was born. I have one from every year, and it’s very special to pull them out and continue that tradition with my sons.”

Jaime King
Tinseltown /

2. Charles Esten

Nashville star Charles Esten tries to keep Christmas as traditional as possible. “We are all about the traditions. All the family goes and picks the tree together and out come those same Christmas lights we’ve had all those years. We have the same music book that’s been on the piano for years, same food. And the biggest tradition of all is being around family and getting to spend time together.”

Charles Chip Esten And Wife Patty Hanson
Rena Schild /

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