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It’s an unfortunate side effect of the passage of time. With each new year comes a new list of people who reach the end of their time with us. 2015 has been no different, as we’ve been forced to endure the loss of talents that’s spanned an enormous amount of fields and mediums. No loss is ever easy, and so its never a joyous task bidding farewell to those who have entertained and inspired us over the years. In a year when there have been almost too many losses to count, here are 15 that loom large.

1. Robert Loggia

You might know Robert Loggia as the old general who screamed a lot in Independence Day, but the enduring character actor chocked an impressive tally of roles over the course of his 60-plus year career in Hollywood. After a five year battle with Alzheimer’s, the actor succumbed from complications with the disease in his home in Los Angeles on December 4. He was 85.

Robert Loggia

2. Scott Weiland

The frontman for the Stone Temple Pilots had a long and public relationship with addiction. Fortunately, the singer since claimed to have gotten on the road to recovery some time ago. That recovery proved short-lived, though, when the singer, aged 48, was found dead in his tour bus on December 3. While no underlying cause was ever proclaimed, cocaine was found in the area and several reports from those close to Weiland claim he had relapsed.

Scott Weiland

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