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It has been almost forty years since the original Star Wars movie came out, and it’s been part of our collective cultural consciousness ever since. Assorted sequels and prequels have been released throughout the years, keeping it relevant to multiple generations of worldwide fans. While plenty of special effects and movie magic was used in the making of these films, nothing can magically erase the passage of time from the faces of the cast who brought these roles to life (not even Botox). Take a look and see what these Star Wars actors look like, then and now. Some have grown up, some have matured gracefully and others have let themselves go.

1. Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Harrison was a hottie back in 1977, and he’s still smokin’ as a 73-old today, reprising his iconic role as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sure, he’s a little gray on top with a few more “experience lines” on his face, but who isn’t after four decades of life? Even as a septuagenarian, he insisted on doing his own stunts, fights and action sequences – actually suffering an injury when the Millennium Falcon door fell on his leg – so he’s still a badass both on- and off-screen.

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Harrison Ford
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