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The magic community is huge, but there’s a handful of magicians who dominate the industry. When they’re not sawing people in half, levitating, or telling you to “pick a card, any card;” they’re raking in the dough from their TV shows, Las Vegas residencies, and various endorsements. Here are the world’s highest paid magicians in no particular order.

1. David Blaine

When David Blaine levitated his way into our hearts on national TV, the world instantly fell in love with his magic acts. He has suspended himself upside down for days on end, buried himself alive, and even held his breath underwater for 17 minutes all in the name of entertainment. With plans to launch a worldwide tour, his paychecks will continue to increase even more throughout the years. As for now, he’s sitting on an empire worth $100 million.

david blaine
Everett Collection - Shuttershock

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