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Geeky characters have been popular on television throughout the years. These nerds may not be the most socially gifted or attractive people on the program, but they add a certain quality to the comedy or drama that makes them an essential member of the cast. They may be brainiacs, keeners, losers or eccentrics, but these “adorkable” characters have a way of grabbing an audience and making a show. Here are 8 coolest TV nerds who lit up the screen in his or her own unique way.

1. Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel
Steve Urkel

Who could forget Urkel, played by Jaleel White, on Family Matters. He is the epitome of an extreme nerd – definitely over-the-top, but he made it work. The flood pants and cardigan wearing Urkel was supposed to make a one-time appearance on the show. Instead, he ended up becoming a main character, providing an endless stream of entertaining scenarios involving his failed experiments and sheer clumsiness.

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