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H&M might be known as a fast-fashion retailer, but the brand has recently emerged as a leader in red carpet style. Many celebs have chosen to wear their gowns and two-piece suits for special events, from the Met Gala to the BAFTA awards. Only time will tell if their luxury pieces will become a staple on the red carpet, but for now, let’s check out the celebrities who have rocked their H&M pieces to major industry events.

1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj shut the entire Met Gala down when she showed up in this custom H&M outfit. Wearing a red and black satin kimono along with a black bodysuit definitely made the rapper stand out from the crown. The Hip-Hop vixen worked together with H&M’s design team to come up with pieces that directly reflected the event’s “Fashion in an Age of Technology” theme.

nicki minaj

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