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There’s nothing more aggravating than being left with half a resolution after you’ve devoted yourself to a TV series for an entire season of episodes. You’ve invested your time in following the story. You’ve invested your emotions in the fates of your favorite characters. Then, some indecisive writer decides that your reward after a full season of build up is to wait to find out what actually happens. Sure, cliffhangers are the worst, but that twist of the knife is even more horrible when some jag network executive decides that the ratings for the series aren’t high enough and axes the whole series before said indecisive writer is able to finish his story. Throughout TV history, several promising, but woefully unappreciated series were cut down before their prime, right in the middle of a now-unresolved storyline. Here, for your consideration, are some of the most agonizing.

1. Revolution

NBC’s big budget drama about a world in which nanotech had rendered electronics worthless set itself up for one heck of a season 3 by revealing that the nanotech itself was becoming sentient. Revolution began the series with a huge surge in viewership, but by the end of season two the show’s audience declined and it was cancelled, a move that left it’s devoted fans wondering what would happen.


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