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12 New Shows You’ll Fall in Love with This Season

Every couch potato in the United States knows that September is, hands down, the best month of the year. Why, you ask? Because September means that Fall TV is right around the corner. This season, the networks have some pretty innovative shows planned as well as some new twists on classic formulas. It’s going to be a good Fall season; so good that you might have trouble keeping track of all the great stuff coming up.

1. Ghosted

Sitcom veterans Adam Scott and Craig Robinson head to Fox for Ghosted, a buddy comedy that follows Robinson’s ghost skeptic and Scott’s true believer as they investigate a series of disturbances in Los Angeles. Fox’s slate of half-hour comedies is already one of the strongest on television, and Ghosted looks to be a great addition to the channel’s Sunday lineup.


2. Good Girls

This crime drama about three suburban wives who find themselves pushed to desperate acts is from Jenna Bans, a veteran writer who’s previously worked on Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. Perhaps the most interesting reason to tune in to Good Girls‘ freshmen season is its cast which will include Mae Whitman and Retta.

Good Girls

3. Rise

One of the most buzzed about new shows of the year is NBC’s dreamed Rise, a drama based on the life a high school drama teacher whose passion for the subject helps inspire an entire small town. How I Met Your Mother lead Josh Radnor will get to flex his dramatic chops for the upcoming series which also features Rosie Perez.


4. A.P. Bio

Glenn Howerton, perhaps best known as one of the four idiots from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia brings his brand of erudite jackassery to NBC in A.P. Bio. Howerton plays a washed-up philosophy professor who ends up at the head of a high school biology class. Rather than teach his precocious youngsters, however, Howerton has something a little more dubious in mind. Backed by the always lovable Patton Oswalt, the NBC comedy was the talk of pilot season and promises to be good for a few laughs.


5. Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

TV icon Dick Wolf is jumping into the anthology game with a Law & Order mini-series focusing on the real life Menendez Family killings. Not to be confused with Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story (which is focusing on the murder of Versace in season 2), Wolf’s take on the Menendez brothers murders is expected to carry the same unemotional, procedural tone which made Law & Order a fixture on TV for two decades.


6. The Crossing

ABC’s The Crossing has to be one of the Fall’s more intriguing entries. Steve Zahn plays the sheriff of a small town which suddenly finds itself with a growing number of refugees to look after. The catch is that these refugees are from 250 years in the future. There’s some clear social satire at work, and anchored by a versatile actor like Zahn, a good script could turn The Crossing into one of the Fall’s best new shows.


7. Military Shows About Heroes Doing Military Stuff

Early in the pilot season, NBC picked up The Brave, a show about a crack squad of military folks who undertake the world’s most dangerous missions. Then, CBS greenlit SEAL Team about the lives of — you guessed it — a team of Navy SEALs. That series stars network alum David Boreanaz. CBS is also rebooting SWAT, about a crack team of blah blahs who yada yada Los Angeles. For the tween set there’s even The CW’s Valor. It seems that the military is about to get a big revival in Hollywood. It remains to be seen whether or not networks can duplicate the kind of scale that people expect in their military stories.


8. 9-1-1

Personally, you could cast Angela Bassett as the star of ‘Reading the Phone Book’ and the series would probably still deserve the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately, 9-1-1 has a little bit more pedigree. The drama about operators at a 9-1-1 call center sprung from the minds of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the creators of American Horror Story, and pretty much every good mini-series on television except Stranger Things. We don’t know much about the series at present, but the combo of Murphy and Angela Bassett is more than enough to make the show interesting.


9. The Gifted

The X-Men Universe expands to television with The Gifted, a show about a bunch of teenage mutants on the run from a shady government organization. With the possible exception of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC, super-powered shows don’t have a ton of luck on primetime. The Gifted has an interesting premise, underscored by some pretty cool-looking trailers, so here’s hoping this one is a solid as it appears.


10. Roseanne

The entire cast of the classic sitcom is coming back for eight episodes this fall, an admittedly strange concept that just might work if the new installments can capture the same high-minded blue collar sentiment that made the original series such fun (until the last season when everything went off the rails).


11. Dynasty

If you’re old enough to have memories of the slap-happy 1980s soap opera, then you know exactly what to expect from this reboot. It’ll be chock fill of ridiculous melodrama that you know you’ll be hooked on. It’s campy and shallow, but you’re still excited (and there’s nothing wrong with that). Get pumped, because somebody’s getting smacked in the face this fall on the CW.


12. Reverie

Sarah Shahi and Dennis Haysbert are set to star in Reverie, NBC’s take on the “technology will kill us all” genre. When a VR program proves to be more dangerous than its creators intended, former hostage negotiator Shahi is called to duty to help guide the program’s victims out of the clutches of the malicious software. It’s a crime procedural with a tech savvy bent that’s extremely intriguing.


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