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Television has always played a major part in our lives. And it was the shows of the 2000s that really shaped the landscape of what good TV was all about. Here’s a list of the best sitcoms that brought the drama and the laughs to the small screen.

1. The Office

From 2001 until 2013, creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were the men behind this BBC and NBC hit show. The British version of the sitcom brought the laughs across the pond, but it was the American version that really propelled this show to the top of television’s must-watch list. With Steve Carrell at the forefront, the edgy and offhand humor kept viewers tuning in week after week.

The Office

2. Arrested Development

This show may not have had a long run like other FOX and Netflix sitcoms, but we knew this list wouldn’t be complete without adding the wealthy Bluth family. Rooted in the type of dysfunction that so many viewers could relate to, this fictional family packed a lot of their flawed family dynamics into three short seasons.

arrested development

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