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2. ‘Supernatural’

The fantasy horror series Supernatural has continued to entertain its legion of fans since it premiered in 2005. The CW series stars a bunch of amazing actors, including Katie Cassidy and Mark A. Sheppard. But the two stars of the series, Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) were at the center of an epic mistake that we can’t believe made it on air.

In the first season, Ackles’ character calls Padalecki by his real first name instead of calling him Sam. Another blunder occurred when the two characters chased a demon onto a flight. Padalecki’s character can be heard saying, “If she’s possessed, she’ll flinch at the name of God. In Latin it’s Christo.” It’s just too bad “Christo” is the actual name for Christ, not God. On top of that, it’s a Greek word, not Latin.


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