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He was the man who could fix anything, who could make a laser gun from three popsicle sticks, a match, and a few screens of sheet metal. The maverick hero was one of the best of a breed of nearly incorruptible men who put his life on the line to help the innocent and protect the world. Of course, over seven long seasons and nearly 150 episodes, MacGyver has earned a spot in the pop culture pantheon that’s seen his fame endure since the show left the air in 1992.

1. The Science Boon

As most everyone knows, MacGyver’s signature ability was creating something out of random parts, typically in a life-or-death scenario. While his contraptions may not have been incredibly logical, MacGyver is actually credited with stimulating an interest in science and engineering in school-aged children. We still here the term “MacGyvered” when referring to some hacked together gizmo.


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