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Sure, Matt Groening’s yellow family from Springfield was the first to break through the glass ceiling of adult animation, but it wasn’t until nearly a decade later, in 1997, that two guys from Colorado completely changed the game with their incisive, acidic, smart cartoon, South Park. Though it might appear that the R-rated shenanigans of four nine-year-olds from a mountain town in Colorado is focused solely on fart jokes, but the show has consistently demonstrated a razor-sharp social commentary time and again. There are also, admittedly, a lot of fart jokes. If you’ve been following the maniacal adventures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny since their first run-in with a UFO, there’s still plenty you may not know about this landmark series.

1. Chef Is Real

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have leant South Park a few real world details throughout the run, and that extends to one of the show’s most beloved characters, Chef. The boys’ original go-to advice guy was actually based on a real dining hall worker at the University of Colorado who worked there while Parker and Stone were students.


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