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Half the thrill of watching your favorite show is humming along to the familiar theme song in the opening credits. Some are corny, others are catchy, and a handful have become hit singles with a life beyond the show. These ditties are part of our collective culture, and anyone who watched the shows knows every hook, line and riff. Some are iconic instrumentals, while others lyrically outline the premise of the show. Here are some of the most memorable TV theme songs ever. Bet more than a few are forever stuck in your head.

1. Friends

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the Friends theme song “I’ll Be There For You“? The show was on for ten seasons and never stopped airing since, so just think about how many times it’s been heard! The Rembrandts song was relevant, upbeat and totally catchy. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay charts for eight weeks and was an international hit. Admit it, you used to join in with the clapping part.

Friends cast

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