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Ever since the implosion of Two and a Half Men’s marquee star Charlie Sheen, America has moved to Chuck Lorre’s other sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Over the course of 200 episodes, the comedy has transformed itself from a show about a group of nerds fawning over a hot chick, to a true ensemble that’s filled to the brim with quirky characters and offbeat humor. There’s a reason that The Big Bang Theory is on top. However, if you thought that Chuck Lorre’s latest hit was completely without controversy, then you’d be dead wrong. Behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera, The Big Bang Theory has courted scandal almost since the beginning. Here, for your consideration, are some of the most controversial moments from the hilarious CBS sitcom.

1. ‘Real Nerds’ Hate It

Hate. A lot of the people who’ve enjoyed video games, comics, and science fiction since childhood, really hate The Big Bang Theory because they feel like the show makes nerds and nerd culture the butt of too many jokes. See, shows like South Park for example, are constantly poking fun at nerd culture, but they do so in a manner that mocks certain aspects of nerd culture from an insider’s perspective. The Big Bang Theory however, makes fun of nerd culture itself. The show’s main characters are constantly derided because of their basic interests. Do they like toys and video games? Sure, but they also pay their rent, hold down incredibly impressive jobs, and generally have the most important aspects of adulthood nailed down. But, they read comics, so they’re actually just sad little man-children.


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