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5. Is Anthony Hopkins a Good Guy or Not?

Well, he’s a dead guy now, but his overall morality is really in the eye of the beholder. On the one hand, it would seem that all of Ford’s machinations throughout the season were done in an effort to complete Arnold’s job. It would seem that he engineered a massacre in which the park’s hosts would attack all the rich folk on the board of the Delos Corporation. In that way, it looks like Ford is hoping to secure the “tragic event” that Arnold was originally trying to kick-start. On the other hand, in his attempt to “free” the residents of the park, he definitely killed at least one person, disappeared another, and subjected poor Bernard/Arnold to a half-life of work and erased thoughts. So, if you believe Ford’s theory that the end justifies the means, then he’s a good dude. By any other metric, he’s a selfish dill hole.


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