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If you’re not one of the legions of fans already tuning into FOX’s animated family sitcom, Bob’s Burgers, then you’re really missing out. Provided you have a funny bone, that is. The cartoon series follows the Belcher clan, a blue collar family running a borderline failing burger joint in an unnamed seaside town. Surrounded by an all star cast of townie kooks, the Belcher family find new ways to thrust old archetypes into bizarre and hilarious territory. If you’re not watching Bob’s Burgers, you should be.

1. It’s a Cracked Family Show About a Poor Family Who Are Most at Home With Each Other

If your first response to that prompt was, “Oh, so it’s a ripoff of The Simpsons, then?” you’d be totally forgiven. On the surface, the similarities are insane. Both shows are about families, both shows’ towns are half the allure of the show, both shows’ focus on off-kilter takes on the old fashioned family sitcom. Yet, the charm of Bob’s Burgers is in the details. A few episodes into the Belcher family’s adventures and you’ll forget all about comparing them to Springfield’s famous clan.


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