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2. They Finally Got His Origin Right

In 1989 and 2004, both versions of Frank Castle played ex-cops who were targeted by a vengeful mob boss. That is patently wrong. In the comics, Frank Castle is an ex-soldier who did a lot of nasty stuff in the war. When he returns home, he’s dead set on making a new, peaceful life with his family. Then, one day while picnicking in the park, his entire family is gunned down when they’re caught in the crossfire between two rival mob families. On the surface, that might seem pretty on par with the narrative set up by the films, however, there’s one huge difference. In the films, Frank Castle paints a target on his own back, necessitating the need for a little justice. In the comics, however, it’s a cruel twist of fate that puts the Punisher low, a key facet of his origin that — to date — has been overlooked. Why is it so important you ask? Read on …

Crying in the rain

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