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If crude, crass, and slightly offensive humor is your jam, Trailer Park Boys is the show for you. The Canadian TV program about three criminals and their marijuana and alcohol-fueled adventures, has uniquely captured the hearts of viewers. Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul (Julian), and Robb Wells (Ricky), purchased the rights to the show from the original creator, and they haven’t looked back since. Available to watch on Netflix, the series and its characters are full of hidden gems and facts that you may have never been aware of…until now.

1. John Dunsworth Is Nothing Like His Character

Actor John Dunsworth, who plays Jim Lahey, is actually nothing like the character he portrays. Jim is a severe alcoholic and is shown drinking and getting completely wasted in practically every episode. But in real life, Dunsworth doesn’t drink alcohol at all. When Dunsworth is shown drinking on the show, his cup is usually full of some delicious iced tea. To gain inspiration to nail the stuttering, stumbling mess better known as Jim Lahey, Dunsworth credits the show’s creator, Mike Clattenburg, who taught him to effortlessly portray the drunken character.

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