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Leave it to Beaver aired from 1957 to 1963 and quickly rose in popularity as the archetypal suburban family of this wholesome era (or at least some sort of idealized alternate universe). Despite its cheesy quaintness from today’s point of view, the iconic family show imparted some solid life lessons to multiple generations of viewers around the world and has earned its place in TV history. It was one of the first primetime sitcom series written from a child’s point of view, and it is still a fan favorite today. Here are some facts about the classic show you might not have heard before.

1. It was never revealed what state the Cleaver family lived in

Many people tried to figure out where the Cleaver’s lived but it was never specified. One time Beaver wanted to buy a surfboard which led people to believe that they might be close to the beach. Another time Wally mentioned the governor living in Madison which led people to believe that they were in Wisconsin. They left it vague so it could be anywhere (kind of like The Simpson’s Springfield).

leave it to beaver

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