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For six wonderful seasons, Lost captivated viewers with its ongoing mystery and pitch perfect character development. Along the way, it essentially launched the careers of the creative minds behind some of today’s most popular science fiction: J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and a host of others. While the show itself has remained a cause for endless debate, it has etched an irreparable place in the pop culture pantheon. It’s a mysterious time-shifting desert island drama with enough intrigue to fuel fifty shows and some of the most memorable characters ever to saunter across the small screen. Yet, there’s still plenty to know about this groundbreaking series. Here are some hidden facts nestled in Lost’s vault.

1. There’d Be No ‘Lost’ Without Lloyd Braun

While Abrams and Lindelof get the real (and much deserved) credit for the show, it was initially conceived by the head of ABC at the time, Lloyd Braun. If that name rings familiar to you, you’re thinking of the minor character from Seinfeld who was named after, you guessed it, the real-life Lloyd Braun (Braun was Larry David’s manager at one point). At any rate, on a vacation from work, Lindelof conceived of Lost as a cross between Cast Away, Lord of the Flies and Survivor (because that’s how studio execs think).

Lloyd Braun

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