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Top 10 Ranking of Every Captain and First Mate in Star Trek’s TV History

As we prepare to embark on a new journey in the Star Trek universe in 2017, our way forward with a new captain and a new crew can only be better informed by looking to the titans who have come before them. The captains and first mates of the various Federation missions undertaken define each series’ most complex relationship. Often built from varying ideals and mutual respect, these officers are the core of what attracts most viewers to the series decade after decade. Perhaps that’s why the debate among fans is so fierce as to where exactly the captains and senior officers rank in terms of their capability, their personality, and their sheer jaw-dropping awesomeness. Fortunately, here’s your definitive list.

10. Kira Nerys, ‘Deep Space Nine’

Okay, so we had to start somewhere, right? Saying that someone is the lowest rank of this esteemed group of characters isn’t really an insult. And Kira Nerys isn’t an unlikable character (and Nana Visitor is a talented actress). The devoutly religious Bajoran woman who served as Benjamin Sisko’s second-in-command found fascinating ways to comb through the complexity of her position as the Bajoran representative aboard the Federation space station.


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