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The Fox hit series made its debut nearly 17 years ago and a lot has changed with the cast since That 70s Show aired in 1997. Some of the most exciting news is that Jackie and Kelso are engaged in real life. Most of the stars went on to continue acting in television and in film, but some left acting all together to pursue other ventures. Where is the That 70s Show cast now? Look through to find out what they’ve all been up since the show went off air.

1. Topher Grace

that 70s show cast now
Helga Esteb -

Topher Grace played the show’s lead star, the nerdy Eric Forman. Since the hit television series ended in 2006, Grace has appeared in a number of films including Spider-Man 3, Valentine’s Day, Take Me Home Tonight and The Big Wedding. Topher has dated Ivanka Trump and Teresa Palmer, but is currently single. Grace joined the cast of Truth in October, starring Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett. It is a true film based on a CBS’60 Minutes report that George W. Bush had preferential treatment to keep him out of the Vietnam War.

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