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Some of the best television shows suffer from the same curse: horrible actors who bog down the entire series. In some cases, we learn to grin and bear it once these lackluster characters hit the screen, other times, we’re reaching for the remote to turn the channel and put us out of our own misery. Whether it be poor character development or just terrible acting, here are a few of the worst characters in some of our favorite television shows.

1. Screech – ‘Saved by the Bell’

Saved by the Bell is everything we all wished our high school years could be: A group of popular and fashionable friends, a kickass principal named Mr. Belding, and a bit of teenage angst that made life seem a bit more exciting. But then, there was Screech Powers. He never seemed to fit in with Zack Morris and A.C. Slater, and none of the girls ever really took him seriously. In most cases, we all tend to root for the geeky underdog, but when it came to Screech, his character was so unlikable, we sort of hoped he would get transferred from Bayside High.

screech saved by the bell

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