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Pritan Ambroase makes multiple appearances on the red carpet of the oldest and most prestigious film festival – VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2017 in Italy. Follow Ambroase on Instagram @officialpritanambroase. Every year, Venice Film Festival is the first launch pad for Oscar worthy films where previous Oscar winners such as La La Land, Arrival, Spotlight, Birdman and Gravity all had their premieres. It is the festival where the awards race begins and serves as a pre-cursor to the Hollywood Awards season. It is famous for signaling the Oscars and Golden Globes award winners with 2018 Golden Globes Best Picture Winner “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” having premiered there. “The Shape of Water” won the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Award for Best Film and the film’s director Guillermo del Toro went on to win the 2018 Golden Globes for Best Director. Hence the respect for the exclusivity of the festival and it’s red carpet.

Pritan Ambroase who will soon be hosting his own talk show, praises Venice Film Festival for its achievements and believes in the power of cinema-philanthropy and remarks, “I truly believe that Hollywood, World Cinema, Sports, Fashion and Arts can unite our world and make it a better place. Venice Film Festival is a prime example of that, given the terrible political climate and chaos going on around the world, it is refreshing to see so many countries, nationalities, races, languages, cultures, peacefully showcasing their movies at this festival. Talent has no color or politics. It is a celebration of humanity and how much greatness we can achieve if we work together as a united team. The artists, filmmakers, producers are from all over the world and the people watching these movies without any prejudice are also from all over the world. I am so impressed with Venice Film Festival and this really reinforces my faith in humanity. Thank you to organizers for making this happen. I love the world uniting, be it for cinema, art, fashion, sport, etc and hopefully someday for politics. Please keep this going full speed.”

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