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Being a celebrity means you get to live a lifestyle that many people only dream of. From jetting off to exotic locations to residing in million dollar homes, celebs seem to have a never ending flow of cash that allows them to live extravagantly. But the highest echelon of famous people are able to outdo their counterparts by purchasing private jets. The upkeep and maintenance on these bad boys is astronomical, sometimes reaching tens of millions of dollars, but money isn’t an issue to this list of celebrities. They are jetsetting across the world in 10 of the best private jets we have ever seen.

10. Celine Dion

With an estimated net worth of $630 million, it’s no surprise Celine Dion is the owner of a pretty badass private jet. The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS has a price tag of $42 million, and it’s worth every penny. When you’re an international superstar like Dion, you never know when you’ll need to pack up your bags and jet out of town, and that’s exactly when her aircraft comes in handy. The jet includes a full kitchen, a living room and multiple bathrooms. On top of that, it can hold 18 passengers – more than enough room for the singer’s children and staff.

celine dion

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