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10 Facts About Bill O’Reilly That Prove We’re Well Rid of Him

On April 18, 2017, Bill O’Reilly took one last bow on his long-running Fox News series The O’Reilly Factor before taking off for an Italian vacation. At the time, the man who’d celebrated two decades at the top of cable news didn’t realize that a brewing scandal would mean this April episode of The O’Reilly Factor would be the host’s last. After a series of sexual harassment complaints landed in the public eye — thanks, CNN! — advertisers began pulling their support (and their money) from the popular prime time cable “news” show. As a result, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes canned O’Reilly while the host was on vacation. For O’Reilly, it’s pretty much the end. And that’s fantastic news, because — and this is speaking objectively — Bill O’Reilly is a real jerk in an over-priced suit. Here’s why.

1. Let’s Start With the Women Who Got Bill Fired

Until recently, the general public wasn’t aware that Bill O’Reilly was a repeat offender of office politics. Over the course of his career, the cable news host and Fox News spent around $13 million dollars to buy the silence of five women who accused Bill O’Reilly of inappropriate behavior. The revelation caused more than 50 advertisers to abandon O’Reilly’s show — as well as ticking off women’s groups across the country.


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