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10 Facts About Bill O’Reilly That Prove We’re Well Rid of Him

5. O’Reilly’s Protégé Just Made Some Gross Comments About the First Daughter

Until O’Reilly was removed from the network, Jesse Watters served as his on-air sidekick and much touted protégé. While that doesn’t necessarily saddle O’Reilly with the blame for everything stupid that Watters does, it doesn’t seem like a major stretch to suggest that Watters picked up a move or two from watching Papa Bear run cable news for two decades. Anyway, the man who learned from O’Reilly is currently in hot water because of a comment he made about Ivanka Trump at seriously the best time possible. In a story about how the first daughter got jeered in Berlin for defending her father’s treatment of women Watters’ immediate response was to make a suggestive comment about the way Trump was holding the microphone directly against her mouth. Yeah …




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