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In the U.S. alone, as many as 11 million people practice pilates on a regular basis. This mind-body fitness system emphasizes breathing, balance, alignment and flexibility. It’s not a hard-core high-impact workout, but it can certainly enhance physical fitness and improve posture. Many celebrities have embraced the controlled movements of pilates in recent years and find that it improves both their physical and mental well-being. These famous pilates bods speak for themselves.

1. Anna Paquin

If you remember young Anna Paquin cartwheeling across the beach in the film The Piano, you might not be surprised that the star continues to enjoy feeling lean and limber. Paquin has stated that she’s “obsessed” with pilates. The fitness program has certainly helped her stay trim and tone, even after delivering twins. The True Blood actress is one of many stars who are staying youthful by adding pilates to their weekly wellness regimen.

Anna Paquin
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