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Actors star in a wide variety of film genres from romantic comedies to epic war stories to action-packed kung fu flicks, but some have also appeared in racy adult films. These are 11 successful actors who have previously starred in an X-rated movie. Some did it out of desperation, while others enjoyed their NSFW experience. Read through our list and let us know in the comments section below which actor’s erotic past surprises you the most.

1. Tom Sizemore

Well, we have to say that he already has a pretty great name for the adult film industry. Sizemore, best known for his roles in war films like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, became notorious in 2004 when he launched his own adult movie website. The X-rate site featured the 53-year-old Celebrity Rehab star having sex with a variety of different women. Then, in 2005, Vivid Entertainment released the The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, but it’s unknown how well Sizemore’s tape performed.

tom sizemore
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