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The road to fame and stardom is paved with a lot of hard choices. Don’t let anyone fool you, no one ever got famous without enduring a lot of hard work and sacrifice. On the road to legendary status, several lives have been irrevocably altered. Several celebrities have made the tough decision to give up a child as a result of poverty, hardship, or even forced ignorance. The one thing that unifies those people who’ve been forced to give up a child for adoption is their lingering regret of the choices that life has forced them to make. Here, for your consideration, are 20 stars who were forced to give up children.

1. At the Age of 21, a Struggling Joni Mitchell Gave Her Baby Girl Up For Adoption in an Attempt to Keep the Pregnancy a Secret

The two reunited in 2001 after Mitchell went public with the information in the hopes of finding her daughter.


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