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Many celebrities have faced difficult battles with their health that forced them to seek organ donors. These are seven inspiring stars who received organ transplants. Their stories and appreciation for a second chance at life will move you.

1. Tracy Morgan

The comedian and 30 Rock star received a kidney from his ex-girlfriend in 2011. Since his transplant, Morgan continued to work on television, but he was hospitalized last year after being involved in a serious car accident that left him brain damaged and wheelchair bound. Today, the actor is walking with a cane, nearly a year after the accident.

Stars Who Received Organ Transplants
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2. Sarah Hyland

The 24-year-old Modern Family star, who’s had a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia, underwent a kidney transplant in April 2012. Hyland received the kidney from her father to whom she’s very grateful saying, “I have a second chance at life – not a lot of people get that.”

Stars Who Received Organ Transplants
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