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2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria in 1947, is one of the most successful immigrants to America. He began weight training at age 15 and relocated to the U.S. in his 20s after winning the body-building title Mr. Universe. Schwarzenegger said, “The Mr. Universe title was my ticket to America – the land of opportunity, where I could become a star and get rich.” After taking English classes at Santa Monica College in California, he earned a BA by correspondence from the University of Wisconsin–Superior, where he graduated with a degree in international marketing of fitness and business administration in 1979. He began acting, but admits his early roles were limited because of his muscular appearance and strong Austrian accent. However, Arnold’s breakout role came in 1982 when he appeared in Conan the Barbarian, and the film became a box-office hit. Then in 1984, Schwarzenegger was cast in what’s widely considered his signature role, the Terminator trilogy. He starred in a number of action movies throughout the next two decades including Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall and Junior. Schwarzenegger took a break from acting when he was elected 38th governor of California in 2003. He was re-elected in 2006 and served until 2011. Next up, Arnold will appear as host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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